Muhammad Ali Boxing Set by Mego

Why settle for plain old Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots when you can have a boxing game with the champ himself, Muhammad Ali. It looks like you just put the champ and the chump he is fighting on a stick and jab them at each other, which sound technology appropriate for the 1970s.

ali ring

According to Hake’s
15.25×15.5×3.25″ deep box has front panel photo showing Ali in white Everlast trunks hitting boxer in red trunks as crowd cheers in bkg. Mego #61714 ©1976 Herbert Muhammad Enterprises Inc. Contains plastic figure of Ali and his opponent (who resembles Ken Norton), boxing ring and sealed robes. Missing are the 2 long-reach activators. O/w set is complete and appears unused. St. aging to boots, opponent’s robe as sealed. N. Mint contents. Box shows moderate wear/fading to front panel which has 1″ area of surface paper lift due to sticker removal. Fine. From the Tomart Archives.

Muhammad Ali Boxing Set by Mego [@] Hake’s


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