Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks

Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks

The recent Certs article reminded me of this article that I planned to write ages ago. About the essential xmas treat from my childhood. The Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks. I had been receiving this at xmas for about as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, this is really a lost item these days. While they do still make Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks, the new ones are a very pale shadow of their former glory. Sort of like a broken rollercoaster at an abandoned amusement park.

The classic version gave you 10 rolls (5 per side of the book), which included 7 or 8 different flavor packs. The new ones only give 6 rolls (all on one side), and only provide 3 different flavors.

This photo that I managed to find online is very nearly the same as the ones I used to have back in the 80s. The only apparent difference is that the ones I had included cherry instead of strawberry (although the strawberry pack does look vaguely familiar, perhaps it was included as a backup flavor one year).

For a long time, the included flavors were very standardized; 2 variety rolls (ie, “normal” Lifesavers), 2 cherry rolls, a tropical fruits roll, a butter rum roll, 2 wintOgreen rolls, and 2 pepOmint rolls. Later they reduced it to just 1 each of the mint rolls, and started adding in some new flavors. I was very fond of the swirled one, it reminded me of the Lifesavers lollipops. Gradually however, they started replacing more and more of the standard flavors with new (and often very *blech*) flavors. Then they started reducing the number of rolls in the pack.

A rather odd flavor combo which still always says “xmas” to me is cherry + pepOmint. With so many flavors to choose from, I would often try random combinations. The cherry + pepOmint one managed to stick.

You can see a Sweet Storybook in the bottom-left in this photo from one of my late-80s xmases (1987, I think)

Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks

The irony with the Sweet Storybook is that there are now many imitators. From generic rolled candy ones at the local dollar store, to name-brand ones like Skittles and Starburst. Yet Lifesavers themselves have lost their vision. Hopefully in the future, this might change.


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6 thoughts on “Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks

  1. Great post, Drahken! I too used to receive these every Christmas as a stocking stuffer. Something about eating half a roll of Life Savers…the sugar kicking your brain into overdrive as you ripped through the paper on your presents…I still miss those days. :)

  2. mwentworth says:

    I always went straight for the tropical fruits roll; I even liked the pina colada ones, despite hating coconut as a kid. Getting one of these at the school gift exchange was almost an automatic.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    Great post. And I agree with mwentworth. My memories of this are mostly of receiving them in mid 80s gift exchanges.

  4. The only gift exchange we ever had was in kindergarten. We all bought a gift & put it under the tree in the classroom, then went & picked one at random. I remember that I bought a frametray puzzle (which I wanted to keep for myself), but don’t remember what I wound up getting.

    The white/clear lifesavers nearly always go straight to the trash, particularly the ones in the tropical rolls (which are a slightly different & much nastier flavor than the ones which used to be in the regular rolls), only perhaps 20% of the time would I actually eat the white ones as a kid (and 0% of the time now).
    The butter rum ones were about 50~50. I have always liked butterscotch, but the butter rum livesavers had a much …er… dingier flavor, like you took butterscotch candies &rubbed them around in the dirt before eating them.
    I think all of the other ~80s era flavors I loved, except for one or two more tropical flavors from the late 80s/early 90s, but I don’t remember what those were. …..But then they had to go and throw out the citrus flavors in favor of nasty ones like green apple & *meh* ones like watermelon. -_-;

  5. Terry Hunter says:

    who sells the Chrismas lifesavers to Walmart stores. Is it possible to buy them by the case?? please let me know .

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