I Didn’t Have An Official Intellivision Carrying Case…

I Didn’t Have An Official Intellivision Carrying Case…

When I wanted to play the Intellivision over at my Grandparent’s house back in my youth I would just unplug it and carry it over, after seeing this ad for the official carrying case though I realize I missed out on carrying it in style.

I could have even taken it to tournaments! If there had been tournaments around here…


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  1. A shoulder strap would’ve been a nice addition, considering the weight of the system. That said, I’d love an official carrying case in any event. I hope the exterior is a nice gold and brown to match my system!

  2. I second that, Vinvectrex! Hm…I wonder what the possibility is of finding this in an antique store or flea market?

  3. Ah, and today, Ben Heck would take the console and case, put a monitor on the open top and whamo, TOTAL portalification of the Intellivision. THEN you can have tournaments wherever you take it ;)

  4. Quick! Get Mr. Heck on the phone pronto, Justin! :)

  5. I came across one of these on freecycle. Had no idea what it was until I was thinking about selling it.

    Had a working Intellivision and 12 games in it.

    Rarity level of 10 on Digital Press – I’m holding on to it.

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