Titan Books Rereleases Walt Simonson And Archie Goodwin’s Alien – The Illustrated Story!

Image courtesy of Titan Books

“Alien – The Illustrated Story might just be the only successful movie adaptation ever done in comics. It’s an amazing graphic novel.” – Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)

Walter “Walt” Simonson (Thor, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Batman) and Archie Goodwin (Creepy, Eerie, and Star Wars), two very important names in the comic book world joined together back in 1979 to bring Ridley Scott’s Alien to fans of sequential art! Alien: The Illustrated Story has been out of print for 33 years but thanks to Titan Books and 20th Century Fox Consumer Products the graphic novel is back on store shelves!

Titan Books didn’t just reprint the 1979 book for this release, they went and used Walt Simonson’s original art from his studio, completely and meticulously restoring it so that it’s even brighter and more visually captivating than it’s original release.

Of course being an adaptation of the film script you also get a bit more knowledge with scenes that didn’t occur in the theatrical release that I think is always a bonus. Quite simply it’s a great read and if you consider yourself a fan of Alien you should make sure to pick it up. You should be able to find it at your local book store but you can also find it here.

There is one more Alien: The Illustrated Story release yet to hit the shelves and that is for the hardcover Original Art Edition:

“It collects Alien: The Illustrated Story b/w comic strip, scanned from from the artist’s original art boards, plus an in-depth interview with Simonson, the original script pages, colour tryouts and sketches.”

You can pre-order the Original Art Edition Here.


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3 thoughts on “Titan Books Rereleases Walt Simonson And Archie Goodwin’s Alien – The Illustrated Story!

  1. Excellent news Vic! I still have my dog eared copy that I would thumb through religiously as a child (I had progressive parents), but that Original Art Edition needs to sit upon my bookshelf of arcane tomes!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    One of the greatest illustrated print output to burst onto the scene.
    Also still have my original copy. Thought I’d lost it in the vents of years gone by, tracked another used one a few years ago, then turned around to find my old, cherished paper nightmare cleverly nested among my other little ones.

    The graphics are out of this world and need to be explored by any Alien fans.
    And yeah, getting the extra bits of storyline made my skull crack with joy.

    So very glad this great visual treat lives on after such a long hibernation.
    You *will* hear me scream when I get the Original Art Edition.

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