That Old Lady

You’ve seen her dozens of times, but you don’t know who she is. She has been in Mr. Belvedere, Star Trek IV, Growing Pains, Night Court, 227, Webster, Amazing Stories, Facts of Life, Who’s Harry Crumb, Romancing the Stone and lots of other 80s classics, but you probably don’t know her name. So I’ll give it to you. It’s Eve Smith.

Yeah, you know her now, don’t you. Eve Smith (1905-1997) was in the background of some of our favorite movies and shows. Here are a few of my favorite Eve Smith scenes:

She later sees McCoy in the hall and yells, “There’s the man who gave me a new kidney!” or something like that.

Best Eve Smith line ever.

Okay, so Eve was no Clara Peller or Anne Ramsey, but she was in a ton of stuff, much more than what I could find clips for. I saw her tons of times as a kid. And I bet you did, too.


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