Sugar Pops Pete TV Ad (1960s)

Yesterday Vincent M. left a comment on the Retroist’s “If they do not get their Corn Pops will they go on a Killing Spree?” post mentioning a character for Kellog’s Sugar Pops that quite frankly I hadn’t known about. Sugar Pops Pete. I tried finding the commercial that Vincent was kind enough to describe but didn’t have any luck I’m sad to say, though I did find another TV ad featuring the western themed prairie dog whose striped six-shooter made sure that Sugar Pops were “Shot with sugar, through and through”.

[Via] Pretzel 78’s YouTube Channel

Looking at that video I would say the animation was handled by Jay Ward Productions as it has all the markings of the Rocky and Bullwinkle style of comedy and character design. The character creating of Sugar Pops Pete was handled by the Leo Burnett Agency back in 1959 and was the cereal’s mascot until 1967.


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