Revel in Nostalgia and Help Kickstart Issue 3 of Strange Kid Comix Magazine

Do you like nostalgia? Love the look and feel of classic magazines like Mad Magazine and Heavy Metal? Well why not revel in the joy of printed nostalgia once again with Strange Kids Comix Magazine which is closing in on funding for their 3rd retro packed issue. The magazine which will be out this fall, will feature the aptly named Strange Kids Club Magazine mascot, Strange Kid, running amok in parodies of your favorite eighties and nineties TV series like HE-MAN, BEETLEJUICE, THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, RAINBOW BRITE and many more. It will also include retrospectives of shows like beloved tv shows and movies like Teen Wolf: TAS, Rambo, Toxic Avenger and more.

The list of talent contributing to this issues is long and with names like Jason Edmiston (Famous Monsters, Horrorhound), Brent Engstrom (Garbage Pail Kids, Topps) and many many more. Need some convincing? Listen to the pitch from Strange Kids Club Editor-in-Chief, Rondal Scott III.

They have all sorts of level of support still left on the site that can score you not just a copy of issue #3 in print format, but also digital copies of issues 1 and 2 (+much much more). For lovers of things retro this is a great project to support. So head on over to the Strange Kid Comix Magazine Kickstarter, browse around and get behind it.

Remember we can only have wonderful retro themed magazines like this out there if we embrace it and support them.


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