The Party Will Never Stop With Flim-Flam! (1974)

Flyer Images courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive

Flyer Images courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive

Check out that awesome 70s artwork, these people never stop partying…except for when they need to get another Martini.

Released in 1974 by Meadows Games, Inc. Flim-Flam was very much a knock-off of Atari’s immensely popular 1972 PONG, which in itself was a knock-off of Ralph H. Baer’s Pong title for the Magnavox Odyssey. Though Flim-Flam offered an interesting take on PONG, it could be played by up to four players.

I stumbled on this YouTube video which gives you a very detailed look at the gameplay, I really dig the attract lights on the unit, I can imagine seeing this in a nightclub back in the 70s pretty easily.

[Via] Delusional 2971’s YouTube Channel

As always I want to give a big thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the excellent Flyer scans that you see above, make sure to follow the link to see them more clearly.


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