If they do not get their Corn Pops will they go on a Killing Spree?

These commercials for Corn Pop always put me in a state of unease (the Jaws music doesn’t help). In these ads only at the last second do the kid gets their Pops. This moment of joy is right before what I can only assume is going to be a big freakout. What would happen if Mom didn’t show up with the Corn Pops? Would they explode and go on a killing spree???

I really wanted to know because I had a sister who was really into Corn Pops and I feared for my life.


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3 thoughts on “If they do not get their Corn Pops will they go on a Killing Spree?

  1. Remember when they were called “Sugar Corn Pops”? Guess Kellogg’s didn’t like the word sugar being in there (even though the sugar is still plentiful in the sugar-coated styrofoam).

  2. Vince M says:

    Aw heck, I saw your header and thought you’d found an ad I saw ONCE in the late 60s – a cartoon kid is besieged by signs that read “KEEP OFF THE GRASS! NO SWIMMING! NO DOGS ALLOWED!”, etc… the kid freaks out and screams “Sugar Pops PEEETE!!!” and the anthropomorphic prairie dog consoles him. It’s like Jules Feiffer wrote the thing…

  3. Sugar is an “evil” word in the world of parenting. Smacks and golden crisp had sugar in their names at one point, but at various points the word sugar was replaced with honey, golden, or removed entirely. Everyone knows that kids’ cereals are loaded with sugar, but they realized that blatantly advertising the fact was bad marketing strategy.

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