Vintage Cylon Action Figure

Vintage Cylon Action Figure

Sometimes I run across things at antique malls that say “buy me.” Sometimes I run across things that say “buy me or else.” This Vintage Cylon Action Figure was one of those things.

Based on the limited research I’ve done this morning, this Cylon was made in 1978 and actually had a working red LED light in the helmet. This particular Vintage Cylon Action Figure doesn’t appear to work — hopefully a battery change and a quick cleaning will take care of that. When it is gleaming and red, it will look magnificent. Even if it winds up not working, I think it is a fun addition to my collection. As the whole saying goes, you can never have enough Cylons.

Until I get around to giving it a tune-up, this particular Cylon has a new assignment. It will be guarding my car in parking lots. So thieves and careless door openers be warned. Now that this Cylon is set to guard duty, I cannot be responsible for what happens if you cross its path.

Vintage Cylon Action Figure

On thing for sure. This is one car whose doors you do not want to ding.

Sadly, even if the light works in this helmet, I don’t think it will sing me love songs.

Listen to Cylon Love Songs

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