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Superman Songs

As far as I’m concerned, the 90s is getting a little too far out of the retro range. I just don’t have the feelings for that decade that I do for the 80s, even though I was still in high school for the first two and a half years of […]


The Ultimate E.T. Fan?

Viceland has an interview with Nick Gjoka, who just might be the ultimate E.T. the Extraterrestrial fan. Nick has thousands of items in his collection (the image below is just a small portion) and has only been collection “hardcore” for about 10 years. Just goes to show, you do not […]

sports cards

Personalized Sports Cards

I never sent in for these, but they were an option with the photo package when I played youth soccer. When you ordered the photos, you filled out your height, weight, jersey number, and “favorite player.” I do believe that for that entry, every person on my team answered “Pele,” […]