Track And Field For The Atari 2600 (1984)

Images courtesy of AtarAge.Com

I can remember playing Track and Field in wilds of the arcades of my youth, I can also remember working up a sweat while playing it. Back in the day it was always wise to pay attention to how the older kids were playing the game and in this case most of them used the “pencil trick”:
“To prepare, take a pencil and thread it over your middle finger and under your index and ring fingers of your left hand. Place your middle finger between the left and right buttons, with the erase on the left button. Then, push down your ring finger, so it presses down on the button.

When you’re ready to start, tap quickly with your right hand on the index finger side of the pencil, so that it pushes down on that right button. Continue to maintain pressure with your ring finger, so the pencil immediately presses back down on the left button.”

I stumbled on the Atari 2600 cartridge at my local comic book shop this week…I passed on it but after watching the video below I have to say that it looks pretty impressive and that I’ll need to go back and pick it up this weekend, though sadly the special controller advertised on the box art wasn’t included. At least I shouldn’t need a pencil to play the game properly!

[Via] The Atari 2600 YouTube Channel

A huge thanks as always to AtariAge.Com for the wonderful box art scans.


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