Saturday Frights – Friday the 13th: The Series “The Inheritance” (1987)

Welcome back fellow fiend friends! As you can see from the awesome Sean Hartter artwork above it’s time for another edition of Saturday Frights! This time we have the 1987 late Saturday Night horror staple, Friday the 13th: The Series. In my neck of the woods this always followed Star Trek: The Next Generation and it made a pretty powerful pairing for me and my friends.

Friday the 13th: The Series has no connection story wise to the famed slasher films starring Jason Voorhees although the creator of the show, Frank Mancuso Jr., was producer on the second Friday the 13th film until Jason Takes Manhattan. In fact the original title of the series was going to be the 13th Hour but Mancuso decided wisely that the name would help pull in television viewing audiences and it did…of course I know a few of my friends were put off by this as well.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the first episode of the series, “The Inheritance”. It stars Louise Robey (The Money Pit, Raw Deal), John D. LeMay (Highway to Heaven, Jason Goes To Hell), and Chris Wiggins (Babar, Spider-Man 1967-1970). The legendary character actor R.G. Armstrong plays the character of Uncle Lewis Vendredi who causes so much headaches for his relatives after breaking a deal with the Devil and having his soul claimed, he would go on and return in a total of five more episodes.

Update: Thanks to eagle-eyed Retroist regular, Dax, for giving me the heads up that Sarah Polley (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dawn of the Dead 2004) plays the character of Mary in this episode!

So grab your favorite beverage and pop some corn because it’s time for Saturday Frights!
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