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Hayes 28.8 Modem

Long before high-speed cable modems, dial-up modems ruled the Earth. Because baud rates and bits-per-second (BPS) rate were the same in early modems, many people began using the terms interchangeably even though technically they mean two different things. Although I’ve read about 110 bps modems, the first one I owned […]

Remember Adam Ant Comics?

Greetings Ghouls! As some of you may know, I have an affinity for what the kids call “80’s music” (or as we called it back then; “Music”). One of my favorite performers from that era was the theatrical genius known as Adam Ant. And while countless millions of folks worldwide […]

Solving The Rubik’s Cube

The Retroist’s Rubik’s Cube podcast, in which he boasted that he had finally solved the cube, and this post about guys solving the cube in midair convinced me to finally give solving it the old college try. Here’s what happened when I did. Fan of the Rubik’s Cube? Why not […]


Alf Trading Cards

Earlier this year on the Retroist I mentioned that I don’t collect trading cards. Since then, I’ve purchased and/or written about Ghostbusters II Trading Cards, a set of Star Wars Heritage Cards, the May the Fourth Trading Card Set and now these. Apparently I need to rethink my anti-card collecting […]

Sprint 2 By Kee Games

Sprint 2 was released by Atari’s subsidiary Kee Games in 1976 and is an early 1 or 2 player top-down racing game. Atari and Kee Games had both released racing games previously but this was their first one to use a microprocessor which allowed a lot more freedom in the […]