Trying to Sell the US on the Metric System, The Metric Film

I love the Metric System. I clearly remember them teaching it to us in school and I liked, no LOVED, the logic and uniformity of the system. Why the United States does not adopt it officially for everything is beyond me? So while the other nations of the world have an elegant and universal system of measurement, I am left figuring everything in barleycorns, inches and ounces with only memories of a push to a better more logical system.

One of my strongest memories of the metric push, is of this classic film, The Metric Film, which I think we watched yearly well into the 1980s (was my school system holding onto false hope?)


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One thought on “Trying to Sell the US on the Metric System, The Metric Film

  1. As Abe Simpson said: My car does 40 rods to the hogshead and that’s the way i likes !
    Here is a nice song about the cultural problems of the metric system in the US

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