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Most if not all of the retrarians on this site have more experience than I with old computers. It’s not hard to do, as my experience with old computers is limited to the few moments I spent with the school library’s Apple IIe. What I did in those few moments, though, was very memorable. I played with Apple’s Logo program.

I don’t remember everything about Logo. I’m probably not even remembering the most important thing. But what I do remember is that you could make graphics with a turtle. I think we called them “turtle graphics”. I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that you had to type in programs, giving the turtle directions and lengths, to draw pictures. I figured out how to make the turtle draw squares and was very proud of that fact. But there are several people who could and can do much more than I.

Now the graphics were memorable themselves, but what really sold it is the turtle. How could any middle school kid such as I was at the time not love drawing with a turtle. It just gave the program that much more personality. Not only so, but years later I have realized something significant: the Logo turtle looks almost exactly like the Asteroids spaceship!


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