Tom Hanks fought the Fonz

Then there was that time that Tom Hanks fought the Fonz!

Thanks to the Six Million Dollar Jedi’s fantastic Happy Days post a couple of days ago it got me to thinking about another fun episode, the time that Tom Hanks played a character that the Fonz had pushed off a swing back in third grade and he came back seeking revenge. In this clip the Fonz is about to receive a community leader award. But before that happens, Tom Hanks starts causing trouble.

Inevitably a battle erupts and the rest if TV history.

Watch that time Tom Hanks fought the Fonz!

By the way, Tom Hanks asked Henry Winkler to direct his 1987 feature Turner and Hooch but apparently a rift developed between the two stars and Winkler was removed from the directing chair. Ouch.

These two are so likable that I can’t even begin to figure out what caused the riff? Maybe someone refused to stop holding the door open for the other and it was just too much? Hard to know.

While I would have been shocked to see it happening, I must admit, I would have been trying to nudge it along. Not because I dislike these two actors. I do not. No, I would just liked to be able to say that I was there for a rematch of when Tom Hanks fought the Fonz.


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