Superman Quenches Our Thirst

“Superman: The Movie” is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. However, I didn’t have much relating to it when I was a child. When it came out the Star Wars toys had just hit so my childhood was full-on with the Force. But that didn’t stop me from hitting Taco Bell.

I did have, and still have, this set of glasses. It’s always nice to see a fast food restaurant with a movie tie-in that isn’t McDonald’s or Burger King. Growing up I had many promotional glasses and I think these are my favorite.

I really do miss restaurants offering these.

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2 thoughts on “Superman Quenches Our Thirst

  1. Great post, SMDJ! I used to have a complete set of these in my youth…but my Father and his butterfingers eventually smashed them all while washing dishes. Sigh.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wow! I had one of these shortly after Krypton exploded on the scene.

    It was the railroad rescue, but we didn’t have Taco Bell around here, so it must’ve been McDonald’s or someplace else in our land of maple leaf.

    It also didn’t last past my unsuperpowered supervision.
    But still had it for years (its dropping remains a painful distant memory).

    Would’ve spun around the world a few times to get it back.

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