Certs Being Very 80s

I cannot say that I purchase Certs all that often anymore. Not sure what they could do to swing me away from Altoids, maybe if they went back to this wonderfully 80s ad, I might be swayed, just a little.


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5 thoughts on “Certs Being Very 80s

  1. That box of candy never made it through the day. My Aunt would make me save the container for something useful (She was born in 1899 and had saved EVERYTHING), so I had a box of empty Tic-Tac boxes which never could be used for anything but… Tic-Tacs.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Certs were always on hand (for a short time) back in my fun days.
    Absent were the Certs stewardesses.

    One day, I’ll be a stoic, suit-wearing, teddybear-bearing man, myself.

    Didn’t know Certs were needed for that.
    Now I do.

  3. Orange tictacs are the best flavor (with the possible exception of some of the newest flavors, like passion fruit, which I have tried because it’s not worth $2 for a container of candy which will be gone in under an hour. Tictacs, much like lego & disney & some other brands, are way too full of themselves, charging completely unreasonable prices for their product. You can get a bigger box of nerds (which is really the same candy) for significantly less cash).
    I like the white tic tacs at first, but then the flavor changes to crap about halfway through.

    I rarely had certs when I was a kid, livesaver breathsavers were far more common.

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