Wall Street Week, 1976; What is a Microprocessor?

In this short clip, Ben Rosen talks about the future of computing. He was spot on about the Microprocessor — I just wonder what he means when he says “other places?”


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3 thoughts on “Wall Street Week, 1976; What is a Microprocessor?

  1. garsh says:

    That was from about 6 months before I was born.

    As fast as it seems like technology advances, when I think about microprocessors being introduced that long ago, it feels like we should be farther ahead than we are now.

  2. Rich Gott says:

    I love how the clip ends with the interviewer saying “I certainly hope not” with a quick glance downward.

  3. Brian says:

    Farther than we are now? You can communicate instantly with anyone in the world who has Internet access —- with a computer you’re carrying in your pocket. That’s pretty far along if you ask me. Microprocessors are in everything electronic – cars, appliances, medical equipment, satellites, phones, kids’ toys, et al. You can use GPS – satellites! – to guide yourself to a pizza shop down the street or to drive to a pizza shop from point A to Seattle —- with that same computer in your pocket. Yes, we’re not colonizing the moon or Mars yet but look at how far we’ve come in making the world smaller.

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