Galaxy Laser Team Figures Reissued!

A few years ago I published a review of the vintage Galaxy Laser Team figures over at I owned a bunch of these figures back when I was a kid and have always had a fondness for their quirkiness. Up until earlier this summer, if you wanted to rebuild a collection of the original Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team figures it would have cost you a small fortune (at least it did me). The original figures were sold in bags by weight, meaning the figures weren’t evenly distributed in each bag. Building a complete collection of the eight original figures in all four colors cost me at least a hundred bucks. In the plastic container on the left of the shelf below you can see just how many extras I amassed before I was able to amass a complete collection.

(Ignore the red, yellow and blue ones on the left; they’re bootlegs from Mexico.)

Earlier this summer, Jeff from informed me that the original Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team figures were being re-released!

Like the originals, these new Galaxy Laser Team figures also come in a plastic bag with a cardboard header. But unlike the original figures which were sold simply by weight, the new bags contain an exact distribution of figures (3 of each figure in each color plus two space ships), so that part is very nice.

Also unlike the originals, the re-released figures only come in two colors — black and grey. At first I was a little disappointed by that, but after playing around with them for a while I think the black and grey color scheme gives the figures less of a 70s/80s retro vibe and more of a 50s sci-fi vibe.

Here is a comparison between two of the original figures and two of the new figures. In this picture, the new figures are the grey ones.

As least in this case, the newer grey ones seem to be even more detailed than the originals. I’ve been told that the original molds were used to make the new figures, so the dullness of my old ones is probably from play wear.

As I mentioned, the black and grey color scheme definitely gives the re-released figures a vintage black-and-white movie feel.

The re-released Galaxy Laser Team figures are available on Amazon for $11.98 which like I said is a lot less than what I paid to obtain my original collection. Whether you simply display them on your desk or use them in your Space Nerf Shooting Gallery, these Galaxy Laser Team figures are a must, must own.

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