Tron Prototype On The Vectrex (1982)
Image courtesy of the VectrexWikia and VectrexMad!

Tron Prototype On The Vectrex (1982)

Image courtesy of the VectrexWikia and VectrexMad!

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning and wondered how it could have slipped past our retro radar for all these years. There was a Prototype Tron game made for the Vectrex system?!

[Via] Mr. Retro Find

Mr. Retro Find had this to say about the upload to YouTube: “After reading the sad news on the net, about Midway Games (formerly known as Bally Midway) filing for liquidation last month, it reminded me to extract this from an old hard disk I recently acquired. The hard disk looks to be part of an original Vectrex development system and contains hundreds of ROM images all with different dates and file sizes. The game itself crashes after the game mode selection.
If I manage to find a later ROM image I’ll post another video. Sorry, my camera is not the latest technology, so no sound on this video.”

Visiting the Vectrexwikia however gave me this bit of information: “Coming out on video on April Fool’s Day and claiming to be a long lost prototype of an unfinished Tron game for the Vectrex, it is currently unknown as to what this is exactly: is it just a graphics demo suggesting how cool it would be to have a Tron game on the machine? Is it a game in progress?”

So while a great April’s Fool Day joke it makes one sigh heavily to think of what could have been.


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  1. Shame that this is an April’s Fools joke. Vectrex is the perfect system for a Tron game.

  2. I think with all the awesome Vectrex homebrew games like Vector Pilot being produced in this day and age along with some of the recent demos coming out of the demo scene, someone could easily make this game a reality. I would definitely pay for a good Vectrex Tron game.

  3. Ha! That’s both a great joke and a great idea.

  4. Man, that is cool. BTW, my 5 year old popped his big nose over to my computer while watching this and goes “hey, a Recognizer!”

    I’ve trained him well.

  5. @Commodore, you are quite right! Someone could surely get a true Tron title up and running!

    @Patrick J. Doody I salute you, friend. You’ve done well. :)

  6. If only their was a healthy Vextrex homebrew community to make this happen. I would be happy to kickstart something like this.

  7. Oh man, this should already exist.
    Just that start-up screen gives me shivers. I agree with Justin, this system was made for Tron gridplay.

    If anything could get a Vectrex community going, it would be this idea.

    And Patrick – Our future is in good hands.

  8. Oh why do you toy with me — first through that video and indeed, through the entire post?

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