The League Of Extraordinary Gentlepersons 1996

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance and Davinder Brar

Okay, I’m going out on a limb and saying this is the most awesome geeky thing you’ll see on the internet all day. Playing with the premise of the excellent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, Andrew Wheeler over at the Comics Alliance with the help of Chris Bird and Davinder Brar have crafted a League worthy of the year 1996!

Can you name all of the members pictured in the lineup as well as those members whose portraits hang on the wall?


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5 thoughts on “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlepersons 1996

  1. John Hopkins says:

    Line up left to right : Edward Scisorhands, ?,?,Scully(X-files),Ken(Barbie boyfriend?),Rufus (Bill&Ted) w/ the traveling phone booth

    Pictures left to right: TRON, Max Headroom, Teen Wolf, Hammer?, Carmen Sandiego, Highlander, KITT, Ray (Ghostbusters), ?, ?

    Looks like a pokemon ball in a glass and not sure on the briefcase

  2. Left to Right: Edward Scissorhands, Nancy from The Craft, Tequila from Hard Boiled, Scully, Zach Morris, and Rufus

    Pictures Left to Right: Flynn from Tron, Max Headroom, Teen Wolf, Sledge Hammer, Carmen Sandiego, Connor Macleod, KITT, Egon Spangler, LoEG question mark dude, and Pizzazz

    Also let’s not forget the raptor from Jurrasic Park, the poke-ball, and the briefcase from Pulp Fiction

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