Best Worst Movie : The Making Of Troll 2  AND Troll 2 on Chiller!

Best Worst Movie : The Making Of Troll 2 AND Troll 2 on Chiller!

Friends. I’ve been super swamped with work, but I wanted to take the time to let you all know that on Friday, August 24, Chiller TV will be premiering Best Worst Movie : The Making Of Troll 2 AND the film that inspired the documentary, Troll 2!

If you have not had the chance to see either of these films, well then, get a pack of Hostess Cupcakes, a few bottles of Mexican Cokes (if available), invite your best weird friends and get ready to enjoy a night of GREAT entertainment.

I had actually not seen Troll 2 when I saw the documentary, but it didn’t matter. As a filmmaker who has a passion for really hard core low budget cinema, the documentary was a wonderful love song to the creators and fans of exactly those types of films. The documentary was directed by Michael Paul Stephenson, who I had the pleasure of meeting (along with George Hardy, one of the film’s stars) during the 2010 Scream Awards and have run into here and there in Los Angeles. Michael co-starred in Troll 2 as Joshua, the little kid who no one believes. Years later, as the film gained a cult status, Michael decided to document the film’s rise to being know as the “worst movie of all time”. Michael is super cool dude who is working on ANOTHER great documentary that I can’t wait to see. You should follow him on Twitter @bestworstmovie.

As for Troll 2… well…I’ll just say that it has 2.5 out of 10 stars rated by 16,000 users on IMDB. My kind of movie.

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles. He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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  1. I recently watched the documentary and the movie on netflix. Really enjoyed the documentary. The movie does need to be watched with a group of friends who can appreciate a truly terrible film.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Patrick! This is a FANTASTIC documentary and anyone that enjoys 80s horror should take the time and check it out. :)

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