The Retro Revival Contiues, Beauty and the Beast 2012

The Retro Revival Contiues, Beauty and the Beast 2012

I’m sure that most of us remember the Beauty & the Beast TV series from 1987, the action-romance series where our hare-lipped hero hides in the shadows while potecting everyone’s favorite Terminator gal. Well, it seems that the CW is jumping on the retro-revival bandwagon. They are pumping out a new version of this beloved classic this coming October. Based on the photos and trailers, this looks like it’ll be at least as much Twilight as Beauty & the Beast, they couldn’t even be bothered to give the guy some beastial makeup. It’s possible that this will be a fantastic show, but there’s just something inherantly wrong when the titular “beast” is a total pretty-boy. Still, the preview clip does show him fighting savagely in the shadows, so perhaps he transforms, werewolf-fashion. *shrug* We’ll just have to wait and see.

Personally, I don’t have high hopes for this series. It has mighty big shoes to fill (do beasts even wear shoes?), and it appears to be making the attempt in the most glittery vampire way possible. Still, I do plan to check it out and see if it’s worth watching.

It will premiere on October 11th, at 9PM EST, on the CW. It will also air on Showcase in Canada and Network Ten in Australia, although I don’t know what times.

Here is a preview of the upcoming series:

…And here’s a refresher clip of the original series:


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  1. I do hope that scar is not what passes for “beastly”

  2. What’s even more disgusting is that under the tiny scar he’s 100% Hollywood pretty boy.

    I’m sure that the heroine will eventually learn to accept and even love him, despite this hideous deformity. *eye roll*

  3. When I first saw this new series’ “beast”, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were doing a role-reversal version, with the woman being the beast and the guy being the beauty.

  4. Well, like you said Drahken…I’ll give the first episode a look, give it a chance. But look at the IMDB poster they’ve provided it would seem that his beastly form is large cat eyes, fangs and possibly a bit of snout. That’s including what was at the beginning of the video and the IMDB poster I should say.

  5. I remember watching the original 87′ series as a young child. I found the beast to be rather scary based soley on his appearance. This new series just looks awful.

  6. I think Kristin Kreuk makes a better Catherine Chandler than Lana Lang.

  7. Watch for more footage from the new version of Beauty and the Beast, coming to The CW this fall.

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