The Galloping Ghost Arcade

A few weeks ago I was visiting some friends in the Chicago area when I had a chance to hit the Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield, IL. The traditional arcades I grew up in are all but extinct, so it’s a rare and amazing experience to find a place like this. They have over 300 games available to play all day at the flat rate of $15. Check out their games list if you are looking for a particular title (it’s how we got the bad news that the huge six-player, double-screen X-Men arcade game was currently out of commission). The bottom line is that if you grew up playing it, they probably have it.

Some personal highlights for me were an amazing Warlords cabinet with the 3D plastic molded castles inside, one of the most immaculate TRON machines I’ve ever played, and a true Budweiser-branded Tapper. Fans of fighting games will be pleased that they have virtually every incarnation of Street Fighter and King of Fighters ever made.

Another great aspect of the place is that they really take care to keep their machines in a playable condition. Virtually everything on the floor was in good shape, something almost unheard of in arcades these days (especially ones this big). They even have an on-site repair facility where they work on broken cabinets.

So Restroist fans, if you ever spent an afternoon worrying your parents about what kind of crowd you might be falling in with at that arcade, you owe it to yourself to check out the Galloping Ghost if you’re ever close to Chicagoland.


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