“That’s Incredible” Video Game Invitational

On January 8th, 1983, “That’s Incredible” hosted their Video Game Invitational and I was glued to the TV set for the entire episode. Looking at it now, I cannot say I approve of their game selection or their methodology, but back in 1983 I found it riveting.


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3 thoughts on ““That’s Incredible” Video Game Invitational

  1. I don’t remember seeing this back in the day (oddly, I do remember watching that’s incredible regularly, but don’t remember so much as a single episode or event from the show). I do however remember watching it online a couple years ago.
    Did anyone else find it strange that the chubby kid got borked on burgertime, of all games? Think about it….

  2. Great post, Retroist. I remember watching this episode when it first aired, I can vividly recall yelling at the screen to “cheer” the players on. Really great quality of the video by the way!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Greatly enjoyed this return to the days of TV greatness.

    Did one of the hosts say the kid lost a ‘ship’ in the Burgertime failure?

    It’s fun to think they either had to read a script in post-prod with (mostly) all proper references to the games’ characters, or
    that they had to learn beforehand to do a live ‘sports event’ coverage.

    Imagine a high-end arcade with experts covering your gameplay in real-time.
    (adds in to-do list in imaginary arcade of the future)

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