Dozzzy! It’s the Doll That Sleeps and Lays There. Wow?

You can have your dolls that eat, drink, pee, and do your taxes. Cause here’s Dozzzy, the doll that sleeps. Okay Dozzzy can do some talking and storytelling and that is pretty magical. Still, that normally would not be enough to sell me on it of course, but if Rudy and Peter tell me to buy it, I will buy it.

Brian Boone

From the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, I contribute to the Retroist, write for trivia publications, and blog about music in a humorous fashion. I feel about "Back to the Future" the way you feel about "Star Wars." Also, I'm married and have a child (sorry ladies, orphans).

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16 thoughts on “Dozzzy! It’s the Doll That Sleeps and Lays There. Wow?

  1. Hey, wasn’t that white kid Rudy’s friend across the street on The Cosby Show? He never talked. I believe he was featured in the Danny Kaye “Dentist” episode.

  2. Farrah says:

    I really really really need to find this doll. It has such thoughts that come back from when I was younger. I have all my fav child hood toys but this one. Help

  3. Edward gallimore says:

    I have a Dozzzy doll ( little boy in blue pajamas) in the box with instructions and 1 cassette. The doll is in excellent condition.

  4. Jessica says:

    Edward would you be willing to sell your dozzzy I am looking for one for my lil boy he is scared of the dark and I had one when I was lil and it really did help me. ?????

  5. Jade says:

    Hi all,

    Like most of you I’m trying to find a dozzzy doll for my son.
    I have looked at almost every website I can find!
    I will pay any price to get one! If anyone finds one or is willing to sell please contact me.

  6. sammy says:

    please if anyone finds somewhere to buy a dozzzy boy doll could you pass it on as i too are looking for one! so many good memorys and would like one for my daughter! thanx so much.

  7. edward says:

    Im sorry it took me so long to reply to the responses.I have been busy. I m not good with coming up with prices, so just make me a offer, I am willing to depart with it. I still have the Dozzzy doll. Its still in excellent condition.My phone number is 215-206-4912. Please feel free to give me a call, so we can discuss prices .I also have pictures.

  8. Darleen says:

    If any one has a Dozzy doll for sale, please let me know right away. Thank you so much.

  9. Lora Bohannon says:

    I have a dozzzy doll I would be willing to sell I will have to check it out and see what kind of working order it is in. What would you be willing to offer?

  10. Heather M says:

    Laura, do you have the teddy bear version or the boy version? If it’s the boy, I’d be interested. You can email me at hmullee @ hotmail. com if you still have it and are looking to part ways.


  11. Deanna says:


    I was looking through my childhood toys and found a Dozzzy Doll! Seems that a lot of you are interested in it. Let me know if anyone is looking for one!

  12. Randy says:

    I’m looking for a dozzy doll. If anyone has one to sell, looking for the tapes as well.

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