Galaxian Ad for Atari

Galaxian is an extraordinary game, sadly not so much for the Atari 2600. But this ad really fired up the imagination. Do you know the answer to the ad without looking?

galaxian for atari


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3 thoughts on “Galaxian Ad for Atari

  1. vinvectrex says:

    The one on the left. (Yes, I know the answer is in the ad copy, but you’ll have to trust me that I knew it.) But, I didn’t know it from the game. I knew it because I’ve always loved this series of ads from Atari. I seem to recall ad with the similar concept.

  2. Vinvectrex is quite right…especially because the Galaxian drone is more dangerous as it swoops at you so you’ll gain more points. 30 points when it’s in formation and 60 points if you blast it in flight. Ahem. I had no friends…I did lots of reading. ;)

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