My Star Wars Boneyard

There exists one shelf in my Star Wars collection that I simply refer to as “The Star Wars Boneyard.”

Kenner did a fantastic job of adding moving parts to their original line of Star Wars spacecraft. Unfortunately, those snapped-on pieces are also the ones that got lost or broken throughout the years.

Pictured above are the current members of the “Boneyard Crew” — an X-Wing fighter missing its cockpit glass and laser cannons, a Troop Transport missing its doors and batter covers, and a TIE Fighter and a Snow Speeder msissing essentially everything.

Some of these hulls I acquired through donations. When someone asks you if you want their old Star Wars stuff for free, you don’t ask about condition. Some of them just got broken over the years. The TIE Fighter’s wings were of particularly poor design. The wings were held on by tiny plastic tabs, and the wings were spring-loaded and designed to pop off with the press of a button. If the wings hit the ground the wrong way the plastic tabs would break. I’ve seen more than one vintage TIE Fighter with the wings super-glued on.

The real question is, “Why do I keep them?” Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for that. In this day and age it would be a lot simpler, quicker and easier to buy an entire replacement Snow Speeder than it would be to track down all those individual parts. Being both a collector and a Star Wars fan makes it tough to part with any Star Wars-related toys … even the ones that most other people would consider to be trash.

Rest assured that these aren’t my “display” toys — those are out in the hallway, just outside my computer room.

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