Gaining a Better Appreciation of Pink Floyd through Pictures

Gaining a Better Appreciation of Pink Floyd through Pictures

I own two Pink Floyd albums and when I say albums, I mean LPs. These were records I inherited from my sisters straight from their Rock N’ Roll days. I never bothered to upgrade them because my urge to listen to Pink Floyd has never been when I am on the run (foot or car). It is usually when I am sitting down to do some coding or some other activity where slightly scratchy background music is apt.

Wanting to learn a little bit more about the band, I watched a VH1 documentary at the start of the summer and then went online to try and learn a bit about the bands rocky history. Online resource are amazing, but hoping to take my knowledge to another level I picked up a copy of Pink Floyd by Marcus Hearn. Hearn had put together a great collection of Hammer posters that I really enjoy and expectations were high.

Here is what I did not get with this book:
An in-depth encyclopedic history of the band.

Here is what I did get with this book:
A beautifully put together photo history of the band. Text is sparse but it contains imagery so intriguing that what little text it does have you will gobble up and replay in your brain while you pour over page after page of photographs.

For the casual Pink Floyd fan, this is not the book that is going to teach you everything you would want about the band. Instead this artsy tome moves through the narrative of the band’s history in photos smoothly and challenges you to think about the talented men who made the band.

While reading it I was reminded of all the history books that were most popular in my school when I was a kid. They were always the ones with the largest and highest number of photos. My friends and I would spend our entire “library time” flipping through and staring at these photos. Occasionally reading the text, but mostly getting lost in our own thoughts.

So while reading (or more looking at) Pink Floyd by Marcus Hearn I found myself doing the same thing. Then it occurred to me, this is the perfect book to check out while listening to the band. So I popped Wish You Were Here on the old turntable and relaxed at my desk, getting lost in both the images and the music.

I know only a little more about the band than I did before I picked up the book, but I can honestly say I appreciate them a whole lot more now.

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  1. One of my favorite bands and I will go out of my way to listen to them on vinyl also. In fact I may just go do that tonight.

  2. One of the greatest bands, with impeccable music from first album note to last.

    Their live shows also had truly amazing props (Animals, The Wall – which recently played around here, huge balloon teachers and all) but these haven’t appeared on VHS or DVD, as far as I know.

    Maybe the book covers some of that?

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