A Short and Very Serious ABC 1973 Cartoon Fall Preview

The Cartoon Preview shows that I am most familiar with are goofy affairs. Filled with flashy colors and silly acting. That is what makes this short ABC 1973 Cartoon Fall Preview so shocking. In it, the actor Michael Constantine, delivers the upcoming lineup with the efficiency and seriousness of a medical PSA. I believe the target audience for this piece may have been adults? It’s kind of hard to tell. Well, whatever the target, the end result is underwhelming and at the same time intriguing.



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4 thoughts on “A Short and Very Serious ABC 1973 Cartoon Fall Preview

  1. In the early 1970s there was a lot of pressure to ban or limit advertising on children’s TV programs. This commercial was meant as a defense of TV shows aimed at children (at least the ones airing on ABC).

    I guess people were supposed to think Yogi Bear would now be morally uplifting because “Mr. Bigot,” “The Greedy Genie,” and “Mr. Smog” would show that kids that it is bad to be a greedy bigoted polluter.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, what Infomercial Reviewer makes sense.

    It’s too bad, though, we didn’t get to hear Constantine say Goober And The Ghost Chasers out loud.

    Great idea for phone message:
    ” (MC’s voice) ‘Goober And The Ghost Chasers’ is not here right now…”

  3. Mr. Bigot??

    “Yogi and his friends encounter a variety of villains such as Captain Swashbuckle Swipe, Smokestack Smog, Lotta Litter, the Envy Brothers, Mr. Hothead, Dr. Bigot (and his henchmen Professor Haggling and Professor Bickering), the Gossipy Witch of the West, J. Wantum Vandal, the Sheik of Selfishness, Commadore Phineas P. Fibber, I.M. Sloppy, Peter D. Cheater, Mr. Waste, Hilarious P. Prankster, and the Greedy Genie, who act as their friends, hosts and/or guests, but embody some of the most common human faults and vices.”

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