Street Fighter for the Amstrad CPC (1987)

Street Fighter for the Amstrad CPC (1987)


The Street Fighter II legacy lives on today as street fighter four, I know that sounds odd that the sequel has a legacy but it’s true. I find it hard to think that there is any gamer out there, no mater what their generation, who doesn’t know what a Hadouken is, or even how to pull one off? That’s how influential SFII is, the controls are copied to this day! The tried and tested format of the Street fighter franchise (Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter alpha, SNK vs. Capcom to name but a tiny portion) all stem from that sequel. Street Fighter (the original) is nothing like the rest of the series.

Released in 1987 its more akin to a game like Kung fu (1985) you can kick or punch high or low (the arcade version did have the classic 3punch, 3kick set up) and as far as special moves go there are command based techniques but not the same at all. The cpc version does feature Two of the more famous characters from capcoms long running series namely Ryu and Sagat, In the arcade version Ken and M.Bison (who was called Balrog because the US and UK releases of SFII were mistyped. M.Bison=Mike Tyson who should have been the boxer and Balrog’s are described as tall menacing humanoid beings with the ability to shroud themselves in fire darkness and shadow, Hence the psycho-crusher move and him being the lord of Shadaloo, confusing much?) also make an appearance. In fact a lot of the back story that features in the following games and the manga adaptation (Street fighterII:Ryu 1993/94) is…not so much explained as this was 1987 on an Amstrad 464 (which not many would have heard of +1 internets for those of you who do know and +2 for those who owned/have owned one) so there is not much depth in the game but, at the end of Street fighter You defeat Sagat and give him his trademark scar. This particular arcade port is one of those “let’s make this game on another platform” rather that “lets port this exact game to another platform”. If you would like to play a version of this game that is closest to the arcade then I suggest you try the TurboGrafx – cd version that was released under the title Fighting street (for some bizarre unknown reason) in 1988 but for me My all time favourite is the cpc version, Its badly coded, obviously a rush job, has most moves missing, has terrible sound and the strangest colour scheme but I love it (I love street Fighter on the Amstrad… its so bad).

A game was released in 1990 on the N.E.S. called Street Fighter 2010 but this name is just a marketing thing and nothing to do with any of the franchise games although they rewrote the story so it could capitalize on the successes of the 1987 arcade game, those unscrupulous rats! I guess I’ll have to review that next time but I warn you it’s awful, maybe better than Buck Rogers on the Genesis/Mega drive but that’s like saying being stabbed is better than being shot.


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  1. Yeah, I remember getting a used copy of that 2010 game, expecting to have a home version of street fighter, then plugging it in & wondering “WTF?!”. It was actually a decent game though, as long as you’re not expecting anything street fighter related.

    I’ve never played any CPC games. However, the editions of street fighter which were put on other systems with 2 button controllers often set it so that one button was a punch, the other was a kick, and how hard you punched/kicked depended upon how long you held the button, perhaps this applies to the CPC version too?

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