Mastertronic’s “Quest for the Holy Grail” for the Commodore 64

How many of you have never heard of Mastertronic’s “Quest for the Holy Grail”? I would bet not many of you. I was/am a big Python fan and I saved up for a few weeks to buy this joyless game from Mastertronic. Only to get it home, labor through it for a few hours (it is super easy) and finally throw it in a box where it rested for almost 25 years. What now for this game? I scanned it and through it in a brand new box where it will hopefully rest for another 25 years.

Front Cover
mastertronics quest for the holy grail cover

Rear Cover
mastertronics quest for the holy grail back


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One thought on “Mastertronic’s “Quest for the Holy Grail” for the Commodore 64

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I woulda bought this before you finished saying ¨Nee!¨.

    Good to know (and kinda expected) that it didn’t give much enjoyment, so I’ll avoid it in the next 25 years.

    Too bad nobody replied to Mistertronic’s call and offered a better approach to computerized Python.
    Mebbe like their vinyl album where everytime you start it up, it might be a slightly different version?

    Hey, where’s that form card, Mister?
    Uh, do I have to know programming?
    Don’t you have monkeys for that?


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