The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition

I cannot claim to be a huge fan of the highly successful pop group ABBA. When I hear an ABBA song on the radio, very often I will switch it off (unless its Fernando — that song rocks). But recently a special was on some high number cable channel about the super group and from a pop culture standpoint I found it really compelling. So I decided to look at the band more closely and pick up a copy of The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition by Simon Sheridan. After reading I am still not a fan of the group, but I have a greater understanding of their accomplishments and history.

Sheridan has done a great job compiling a book that is nearly encyclopedic. I say nearly, because the book is comprehensive information-ally, it not organized by subject (although it does contain a decent index). Instead the book is organized chronologically, so you can follow along from the founding of ABBA through its breakup and beyond. Watching ABBA’s career unfold was a really clever way to present the info and it really sucked me in and by the end after reading about their music, tv shows the Momma Mia!, I was left wondering, just like all those ABBA fans out there, “why don’t they re-unite??”

If your a fan or just have a passing interest in pop music The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition (also available on Kindle) is a info packed read that will give you a new appreciation for these talented yet enigmatic Swedes.


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