Learn Kung-Fu AND Karate via LP

Unlike many of my friends, as a kid, I was not a big fan of Martial Arts “Stuff”. But I always wondered if anyone who bought these Martial Art Instruction LPs and Booklets ever moved on to greater things in the Martial Art’s world. Did anyone, besides the notable R. Richards of course, start down the way of the fist by way of long playing album? Oh G. Aschkar…of course.

Just a reminder of how scary the 1970s were. This ad lists the places you will never be afraid of again post-training. They are: “ball game, beach, school yard, bar, dance, tough neighborhood, back alley or parking lot at night”. It seems no where was safe back then. If they lived in my town they also would have mentioned “ice-cream parlors, nail salons, laundromats, delicatessen, brightly lit pizzeria, Grandma’s new condo, mall arcade, The Gap, Candy Store, Upscale Brothel and of course the Haunted Roller Disco”.


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