Retroist Crew at CA Extreme

I was super-excited for the California Extreme Arcade and Pinball Show in Santa Clara. I wouldn’t have known about it if blinddog had not posted about it in the forums. Once he did, though, I was more than happy to join him there.

I got to the show about an hour early and pretty quickly found blinddog by his Red Baron shirt. I identified myself by holding up a Rubik’s Cube, the universal symbol of Team Retroist. Seriously. I just held up the Rubik’s Cube, and blinddog knew who I was.

Blinddog preregistered and so got in early. I waited in the registration line, listening to The Zerbinator’s first Spider Webs podcast. Once we were in, we went straight to a showing of The King of Con, Dwayne Richard’s documentary in which he disputes Billy Mitchell’s claim on being the first to get a perfect Pac-Man game. Walter Day was in the audience, and it got ugly, so we got out.

We then took a tour of the huge floor of games. There was all kinds of stuff there, and despite pleas from the Retroist crew to get plenty of pictures, this was the best I could do:

A little later I ran into Walter Day. He was looking for the games room and asked me where it was. I asked him for a picture and got one.

In all, it was a great day. I got to play some of the games I wrote about in Arcadian, met a Retroist writer, and just had fun. Thanks to blinddog for the heads up and for hanging out, and I hope more of you can join us next year!


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