Cheers Trivia Board Game

I found this while out shopping this weekend. Cheers, the board game, was released originally in 1987 and allows for 2-8 players to travel around a game board and compete by answering trivia questions about the television show.

The game comes with 8 player tokens, two decks of answer and question cards, a “flippable Norm” (used for some of the game’s challenges), but no name tags.

You don’t need name tags in Cheers, because …

(Help me out here, guys.)

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2 thoughts on “Cheers Trivia Board Game

  1. Every-body knows.. ….your name!
    Being based on the theme song, that’s probably the only question in the whole game that I’d be able to answer.

  2. I’m with you. Without a couple of weekends of brushing up, I’m sure I could only answer the most generic of questions (“Which of the following characters worked as a mail carrier?”) Once they got into asking how many times Sam and Diane broke up or how many kids Carla had, I’d be out.

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