California Raisins Christmas

Eveyone should have a California Raisins Christmas

The high today in Oklahoma will be 106 degrees. Tuesday through Thursday, it’s supposed to reach 108 degrees. This weekend I was searching for anything that might remind me of cooler temperatures. I’m hoping this Christmas with the California Raisins tape will do the trick.

In the mid-80s, when the California Raisin Growers’ Association commissioned the folks at ?Will Vinton Studios to come up with an animated commercial for use on television, little did they know it would blossom into a commercial hit. One that would lead to TV specials and even a Christmas album.

Christmas with the California Raisins was released in 1988, and contained the Raisins’s versions of several Christmas classics, including “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “White Christmas,” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Unfortunately the soundtrack has been out of print since 1990, which explains the exorbitant prices both on Amazon and eBay.

I paid a quarter for mine — a quarter well spent, as it feels cooler in here already!

Listen to a California Raisins Christmas

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