Abbott & Costello: Loafing in the Bakery

When I was a kid, my father and I would watch “The Abbott & Costello Show” and laugh hysterically. They were quite funny. By this time, the show would have been off the air for over 30 years. One sketch they did stuck in my head; the loafing bit. As a child, I thought “loafing” literally meant making bread, so I didn’t understand the humor of it. At about the age of 13, I learned the definition of loafing, which, according to means to idle away time, to lounge or saunter lazily and idly. Now the bit makes sense and I understand why it is so funny:

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One thought on “Abbott & Costello: Loafing in the Bakery

  1. Great post, Justin! My Father and I used to watch Abbot and Costello as well though sadly we had to rent compilations of their acts and movies, we did the same with Laurel and Hardy. Good memories. :)

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