Roach Iron-Ons are Groovy

I never paid for an Iron-On through the mail, but I did send away for them through breakfast cereal offers. Sadly I was never very good at the actual process of ironing-on, so I would often have a cracked or crooked cereal logos on both the front and back of every t-shirt and sweatshirt I owned. Hence the painful 2nd grade nickname Cap’n Cuch. So I guess it was a good think I never sent away for these classic Roach Iron-On. This ad does actually solves a longstanding mystery for me. Where everyone in my hometown got all those Budweiser and Panama Red t-shirts.

roach iron-ons


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2 thoughts on “Roach Iron-Ons are Groovy

  1. mwentworth says:

    OK, what is your guess as to the identity of the fellows on the bottome left and right corrners? The left I think is maybe spose to be Leif Garrett?

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