Mighty Morphin Dragon’s Lair, on the Sega CD!

Here’s an interesting little reto game that I just stumbled onto. It’s a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the Sega CD. It plays similar to Dragon’s Lair in the sense that you don’t really “play” it, you just respond to onscreen cues. When a lightning bolt appears, you hit the D-pad in the direction the bolt is pointing, when A, B, or C appears, you hit the appropriate button. The game really has more in common with rythym games like DDR or those VHS based games though, because what happens in the game doesn’t change, no matter what you do. Each time you miss, your health bar decreases (hitting a wrong button counts as a miss, and not hitting the right one counts as a miss, potentially resulting in 2 misses at once, if you don’t hit the correct one soon enough after hitting the wrong one). If your health gets to zero, then you get to watch Rita throw your Zords into the lava pit. Aside from that, each level follows a scene from the series precisely. If the story dictates that you get hit, your characters will get hit, even if you hit the correct buttons to dodge (but your health bar won’t decrease). Conversely, if the story dictates that you dodge or block, then your character will do so, even if you fail to hit the correct buttons (although your health bar WILL decrease). The game uses a great deal of full motion video, taken directly from the TV series, which is why the game is so linear. (Still, if they hadn’t decided to be so lazy, they could have editted in scenes from other episodes in order to let the game actually respond to your actions.) This also makes it like having an extremely low quality DVD of some of the MMPR episodes.

Overall, the gameplay is extremely bland, and replay value very low. However, it makes for great nostalgia, and gives you something to do while watching MMPR highlights.


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