Tales That Witness Madness

And you thought Trilogy of Terror was the best horror anthology to hit TV. Not so. Sure, we all love the fetish doll, but I recently restumbled across one that has even more to love.

Tales That Witness Madness is an Amicus production from 1973. It has a freaky framing story of a psychiatrist (Donald Pleasance; none better) and his boss and four unsettling stories in-between. A man falls in love with a tree and chooses it over Joan Collins. A boy’s imaginary tiger kills his parents. A Hawaiian author kills a young girl and feeds her flesh to her mother. Really bizarre stuff. It made a big impression on me when I saw it on USA’s Saturday Nightmares. Making an even bigger impression was the fact that USA left in the quick shot of the young girl’s bare backside. Those are the moments a young man never forgets. It was also the moment which confirmed for me that I had indeed seen this film before.


You can catch the entire film on YouTube as well as Netflix Instant Watch. If you’re as big a fan of anthologies and/or USA fare, you ought to check it out.


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