Strap In For The Next Science Fiction Saga – Space Command!

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Legendary television scribe Marc Scott Zicree (He-Man, Twilight Zone, Captain Power, Star Trek: TNG, and tons more) began a Kickstarter campaign on May 16th in an attempt to raise the necessary funds to bring a new science fiction saga to life, Space Command. Zicree along with Visual Effects master Doug Drexler (Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica) as well as music video and independent film Director Neil Johnson (Manowar, U2, Nephilim) have teamed up to reinvent the 50s Sci-Fi show spirit (Exploration, Optimism, Adventure) for modern feature films! Space Command succeeded in securing the necessary funds, raising the amount in just three days, for their cinematic endeavor and have begun to ramp up the pre-production schedule to being filming.

Here is the Kickstarter video that the team put together to give us Sci-Fi fans an explanation for the films and a taste of what we can expect.

To learn more about the scope of the films and the many Sci-Fi veterans involved with Space Command make sure to follow the link provided, you can join the official Space Cadet Program while you are there!


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