Kellogg’s Apple Raisin Crisp Cereal

There are and always have been two kinds of breakfast cereals on the market. The good kind and the bad kind, aka the sugary cereal aimed at children and the healthy cereal designed for adults. We at have repeatedly talked about our obsession with fondness for the sugary cereals of our past, and rightly so. That’s the kind of cereal we should be obsessed with fond for, and that’s the kind of cereal that instantly comes to mind when we think of breakfast time in those days. Search your memory banks and you just might remember a few of the adult brands that no longer exist today. One of those was Kellogg’s Apple Raisin Crisp.

Where did Kellogg’s Apple Raisin Crisp get it’s homemade taste? I have no clue. I don’t even know what the “homemade taste” was, because I never ate it. But I do remember the commercial, and the cross-stitch font on the cereal box that reminded me of the titles on Family Feud. And I have to admit that while I wouldn’t have been at all interested in this as a kid, it sounds pretty good now. Apples baked into the flakes? Hand me a spoon!


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