Batman Green Machine

In the late 70s, Green Machines were all the rage. Different from a Big Wheel, the Green Machine used two levers to pivot the back wheels. Shortly after Green Machines hit the scene (the late 1970s), Sears released their own version of the Green Machine: a Batman themed one. As a kid, I was lucky enough to own one of those Batman-themed Green Machines. As an adult, I am lucky enough to still have pictures of it.

Despite the blur, you can see that the Green Machine’s black and green color scheme has been swapped out here for Batman’s blue and yellow. The Batman version also came with a sweet flag that trailed behind you, warning the citizens of Gotham City (or more likely, adults in cars) that you were zooming down the road.

That’s me again on the Bat-machine, getting bopped in the face with an inflatable bopper by my neighbor, Scott. I’m pretty sure that’s my parents’ Vega station wagon we’re standing in front of which, in a race, stood no chance against the pedal-powered Bat-machine.

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