Tron: Uprising – “Scars” Preview Comic-Con 2012

One of the panels I was most interested in hearing about during this year’s Comic-Con was for the Disney Channel exclusive Tron: Uprising. Thanks to Disney XD’s official YouTube Channel we can now get a quick preview of the upcoming “Scars” storyline for the animated series. “Scars” will reveal some pretty important lore as this vid gives us our first glimpse at just how Tron managed to survive that battle with Clu in the flashback sequence presented in Tron: Legacy, what he did to manage his grievous wounds. It also would seem this is where the legendary Program begins to travel the dark road that will eventually lead him to become the villainous Rinzler.


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6 thoughts on “Tron: Uprising – “Scars” Preview Comic-Con 2012

  1. I’m pretty darn pleased with the series so far…I only hope that they are not trying to cut Tron out of the whole thing so soon.

  2. DesignationDramis says:

    From the beginning of this show, I had been wondering how Tron managed to escape Clu. I had always though Clu had immediately taken and reprogrammed him into Ribaldry. Seems it’s not as simple as that, huh.

    Seems like Tron’s metamorphosis was his own doing. We’ll have to wait and see though.

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