Rocketing into my Childhood Hobby of Model Rocketry

In the summer of 1991, I started a new hobby: model rocketry, which started in the 1960’s. After a few weeks of messing around with store bought model rockets, I grew tired and made my own using household items. Sometimes I would even make my own motors using homemade gunpowder, but those never worked out too well as I feared using too much fuel.. Most of the time I used store-bought Estes motors, but the rockets themselves were of my creation. Eventually I grew tired of using household items and headed out to Home Depot for some REAL building materials. As you see in the photo on the far right. It was a big rocket, but don’t worry, it never flew. This hobby forced me to read up on solid & liquid fueled rockets, how they work and their history. I don’t think Robert Goddard had any idea that people would turn his passion for space travel, into a watered-down backyard hobby. And what was my motivation for getting into rocketry?

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