1982: The Best Year for Geek Movies Ever?

When I saw that the good folks at Geek Magazine were hosting a Comic Con panel to discuss the great movies of 1982, I knew I had to attend. And, I was far from alone. This proved to be the longest line I personally waited in (keeping in mind that I didn’t camp out with the Twilight fans). The panel discussed classic horror films such as The Thing and Poltergeist. Science fiction landmarks like TRON, ET, Blade Runner and The Wrath of Khan. One panelist noted that both Poltergeist and Khan opened on the same day – and it has been rare to have such enduring films go up against each other. They wondered if kids today would be too jaded to accept the wonder of ET, and noted that DVD sales of that film haven’t always met expectations. (I, for one, still love seeing it and will be snapping up the blu-ray).

The panelists made a good argument that 1982 was a tipping point in film. Effects were truly able to create magical worlds yet some serious elements of 1970s style filmmaking remained. The result is visible in ET and Poltergeist that blend fantasy elements with a look at suburbia rather than typical urban or rural settings. Or the exploration of aging and death wrapped into Wrath of Khan.

For me, 1982 is unparalleled in “geek” or popular cinema. But, I’m always hoping that this year will be even better. What do you think? What was the best year ever – and can 2012 or 2013 match it?


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