The 1984 Arcade Is Hosting The Twin Galaxies Trading Card Premiere On July 21st!

Well, this is certainly one of the biggest announcements I’ve had the pleasure to share on the site! On July 21st at the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri at 7PM there will be an unveiling of the new Twin Galaxies trading card for Mark Kiehl who destroyed the Donkey Kong Jr. record at 1984, as well as a card for 1984 itself!

[Via] Mark Kiehl’s YouTube Channel

You might recall that I’ve gushed Once or Twice on the site before about 1984. Make sure to head over to the 1984 Facebook Page or the Twin Galaxies Forum for more information.

I for one would love to be able to go…I mean…Walter Day is going to be there!! Sadly two of my co-workers are on vacation at that time so I’ll be unable to attend and report on the festivities proper. If you are in the area during the time of the unveiling, please take some photos and share them with us!


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